Nourishing Change is created to help empower you to live a nourishing life on all levels. Use the power of kinesiology via your innate body intelligence to align your energy: accessing stress around physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual areas. Gain clarity for your spiritual growth, release what needs to be healed, manifest your potential.

By releasing and clearing subconscious programming, outdated conditioning, emotional reactive habits, sabotages, negative self doubt, fears, belief patterns,  the energetic stress held in your system that keeps you stuck in these patterns can be balanced and flowing more clearly. 

Receive guidance and direction from your subconscious mind, using the wisdom to work best with how to manifest more self growth and align to your purpose. If you are willing to live life with more awareness, activate the potential to experience life on a higher level!

Learn more about Kinesiology, Food Kinesiology and Programs on offer.

Work with me for:

   - manifest purpose    - self growth   - increased intuition   -  self evolvement  
- release subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, fears

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