Nourishing Change

Distant Kinesiology session special

Now is a great time to receive some balancing!  A new season has begun, winter has ended (in the Southern Hemisphere), and it's time to spring out of hibernation and into renewal!

Assist your mind/body/spirit in releasing obsolete energy with a kinesiology balance, which can uncover and balance stress from your system across many levels. 

What will you ask your energy/body about the stress it's holding?
What is it ready to release?

Special valid for bookings September 2nd - 5th, 2017 using the link below.
Your booking will be confirmed by return email, where you will be asked to provide your list of topics to be addressed, and your age in years.
The distant session will be completed within 36 hours and a detailed email report will be sent about the session. 
Please check your junk mail folder!

Distant Special (Normal value $110)
$85 AUD


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