I developed Food Kinesiology as a modality designed to look at your nourishment on all levels when it comes to food.  As a previous hypnotherapist specialising in weight issues, I know how crucial it is to "nourish" life with a healthy approach to eating, and just how tied we are to our sense of self through the body. 

Every human on the planet has their own relationship with food.  This has been formed from birth, via our upbringing, our parent's beliefs about food  - which was given to them by their upbringing.  So, do you actually have your own relationship with it?  How does your subconscious mind dictate how you relate to it?  What if you could ask your energy/body what stress is being held in your system when it comes to food? 

A Food Kinesiology session accesses and balances stress from many levels of you -
including physical, mental, emotional, energetic and subconscious aspects. Transform your connection to food and self nourishment.  Reset beliefs, thoughts, triggers and habits.  Establish your own relationship. Have an empowering connection to food. Allow your body to regain peace.

Releasing weight is NOT the goal here. If you are wanting to transcend the attachment above just the physical body, you must take responsibility for the vibrational energy you are putting into your body.  Dense energy foods, processed and overcooked foods, food with no life force, is not giving your physical body any energy with which to heal. Vibrations within your body also include thoughts, habits, affirmations, self talk, and subconscious beliefs that add to your multifaceted human life. 

You are much more than the body you live in, though it's your responsibility to live through it! If you want to live in a high vibration body, you need to make choices about the energy you choose for your body, mind and environment. All aspects effect the other. 

This is the aim of Empowered Nourishment, to have you flowing with energy, giving you clarity, and your life experience through the physical body as support for your life that is contributing to your personal growth.

Start with a single session or go straight to a Program

Food Kinesiology session
$125 AUD


Emotional Eating

The Emotional Eating Program examines triggers, sabotages, and negative emotional connections to eating. Access and balance stress around these connections and disrupt patterns and habits that lead to emotional eating. Reframe the relationship you have with eating - release stress around suppressions, self love, food and eating, emotional triggers. 

2 kinesiology sessions - $250 AUD

Empowered Nourishment Program

I have created a holistic program designed to explore the areas of your life when it comes to 'nourishment'.

Over 5 monthly sessions, I will examine physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic levels of you. Your energy, subconscious mind and body will be asked to identify the story connected to blocks around your food and eating relationship.

These will incorporate areas such as:

- limiting patterns  - sabotages  - archetypes

- beliefs regarding self worth  - subconscious imbalances

- higher self guidance  - energy blocks

Empowered Nourishment Program
$580 AUD

Empowered Nourishment Program
3 monthly payments of $197 AUD
*1st payment = 1st session, 2nd payment = 2nd & 3rd session, 3rd payment = 4th & 5th session


Please note: A kinesiology session does not diagnose, it tests for energy imbalances and balances energy. Results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Your health is your responsibility with any advice you seek from the practitioners you choose to partner with. Reliance on any information provided here by your own free will.  © Copyright Nourishing Change 2011 - 2020.  All rights reserved.