Chakras are the centres processing your energy. The chakras connect to auric fields and they all work together in an information exchange.

These sessions focus on the first three levels of both the chakras and auric fields that govern your physical experience, your emotional and mental processing. They are associated with the human experience at this level, such as:

creativity and expression
nurture of self
how you interact with the world on your own terms

This level of work is the basis for developing your experience and interaction with life, development of your self empowerment.

Clear these - the subconscious programming, old beliefs, thought patterns, sabotages, emotional trauma that have been held as stress within your energy fields.

Unlearn what you have been programmed to believe!

It’s in getting these fields working and flowing harmoniously, that you are ready to transcend to the layers above from the bridge of the heart chakra to the astral auric field and beyond.

These sessions will give you insight, accessing your higher guidance for what is ready for you, allowing you to awaken your purpose.

Please note: A kinesiology session does not diagnose, it tests for energy imbalances and balances energy. Results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Your health is your responsibility with any advice you seek from the practitioners you choose to partner with. Reliance on any information provided here by your own free will. 

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