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With a background in massage therapy, food coaching, nutrition, kinesiology, hypnotherapy and colour therapy, I am interested in releasing subconscious programming for people to expand their growth and connect to their soul purpose.

I work with energy blocks - examining physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual layers of you to access deeper levels to the root cause.

You can take away practical solutions via what your energy is communicating to you, allowing you to manifest change.

I look holistically at how you nourish yourself on all levels via Food Kinesiology - incorporating the energy and the nourishment of you across spiritual, emotional and mental levels.

Right now I offer distant sessions remotely and by skype - stay tuned for clinic space coming late 2019. 



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$110 AUD

Please note: A kinesiology session does not diagnose, it tests for energy imbalances and balances energy. Results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Your health is your responsibility with any advice you seek from the practitioners you choose to partner with. Reliance on any information provided here by your own free will. 
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