Kinesiology acts as an holistic approach to identify imbalances around subconscious programming, beliefs, negative thoughts, sabotages that have formed your life. Kinesiology accesses the real you via your body biofeedback. This is done by muscle testing, which won't lie to you!  Stress is uncovered and you can see where it's been held, where and/or when it started. Releasing this from your system is freeing you to heal and allow you to create life on your terms.

Our mind's subconscious holds deep programming. External conditioning from others have formed your beliefs, behaviours and how you interact with life. As you experience life on your own terms, some are updated to evolve with you. Some are never challenged and stay the same.

Unless this programming is updated by you and your conscious mind deciding to create your own values, they will cause the same patterns on repeat. You won't have conscious awareness of why you do what you do. This can keep you locked into the same repeat behaviours. The same events continue in life and your approach never changes because you aren't equipped with the alternatives to deal with them in a new way.

Review your programming and heal the stress it has trapped within your energy. Patterns that no longer serve you and are ready to be released can be accessed, clearing stagnant energy. Negative beliefs, sabotages, emotional trauma and more can be balanced without having to relive the stress. You can feel freer and in releasing the past, have the opportunity to create new pathways to manifest life on a path to self growth and awareness.

Kinesiology works with biofeedback - feedback from your system identifying imbalances from many layers of you and your energy - from energetic, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more.  When one energy system is blocked, it can manifest as a block somewhere else. To create a harmonious flow of energy, kinesiology assists in holistic diagnosis of you. Access higher levels of you to gain clarity and wisdom on your path. You can gain advice from a higher aspect of yourself so you can incorporate practical change that matches your energy and vibration.

When you are ready to move ahead and get clearer, your energy knows what it can release, allowing you to manifest from a more empowered space!
When your energy is balanced and flowing without blocks you can expand your self development and spiritual growth.

How a session works

I tap into your energy and access the stress that’s ready to be released, plus working on your issues. You will gain awareness on the stress balanced, and see what your energy has released in the way of old vibration.  If you’ve known you are working towards evolving into higher awareness, you might be curious to see the timing and the connections as to what your energy has let go of.

I connect with your higher energies for the session. Any aspect of your higher spiritual guides can enter, indicated through muscle testing - your spirit, soul, higher self, or spirit guides can give messages and practical guidance on what you need. Through connection to my higher energies, I receive guidance on what is best for you. The sessions have become a truly illuminating experience, when you receive clarity and gain insight into what is coming for you, it allows you to focus on what you need right now to move forward.

No session is ever the same, and why would it be. You are unique and here for your own unique journey. My purpose is to help you heal and release vibration that doesn’t support your expansion to a higher consciousness. I am blessed to work with you to help align you to your true potential.

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$125 AUD - 90 mins

I also developed Food Kinesiology as a modality designed to look at your nourishment on all levels when it comes to food and how you 'feed' yourself.  As a previous hypnotherapist specialising in weight issues, I know how crucial it is to 'nourish' life with a healthy approach to eating and food, and just how tied we are to our sense of self through the body. 

Are you ready to transcend anchoring your self identity to the physical body alone? You've got to support the body in the same way as how you support the whole of your life. To support you living at a higher vibration, you need to evaluate your relationship with eating. It's deeply rooted in your upbringing, linking to your 'nourishment' from birth.

To release triggers, sabotages, automatic behaviours and subconscious patterns that remain an obstacle for your personal growth, change your life course and empower your choices, get yourself and your energy as clear as you can with kinesiology!  

See the Programs or Food Kinesiology page for more information or book a session now


Please note: A kinesiology session does not diagnose, it tests for energy imbalances and balances energy. Results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Your health is your responsibility with any advice you seek from the practitioners you choose to partner with. Reliance on any information provided here by your own free will. 
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